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Marketing has become an essential tool in communicating your companies brand and logo in the current business environment. It is a multi million global currency industry of nail biting competition to find the next best gadget to showcase your name, logo and brand. This should preferably be on an item that will be used by your potential customer repeatedly. As a constant reminder of YOUR BUSINESS!

In marketing, the game of Golf is a multi million global currency industry heavily influenced by branding, gadgets and full of repeat usage opportunities.

If 1+1=2; then certainly Marketing + Golf = Amazing Branding opportunities.

Please welcome the MyBall golf-ball marker - your newest gadget with a lot of marketing potential in a huge market!

Customize our golf ball marker with your company logo and slogan or website address; distribute to your customers as golf inspired key rings; used before, during and after every game and voilà!! Repeat marketing of your company achieved in one of the richest sports on the planet.

Experience the Power of Promotional Products.